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Pedigree of: puppy of nikki & parker
Ch Lyndale's Park It In First Ch King's Champagne Taste Ch Donchada Wizard King  Ch Eaton Affirmed  Aliyah Desperado
Ch Eaton Busting with Joy
Ch Donchada Candy Bear  Ch Calbrecht's Ring of Fire CDX
Ch Donchada Prancing Princess
Ch Donchada Panda Bear  Ch Osea Kelso Of Accent  Ch Chorus Line Magnum PI
Osea Heather
Ch Donchada Bewitched  Ch Eaton Pride of LBJ
Ch Foxfire Patience of Job
Lyndale High Society Ch Dawin High Falutin  Ch Pamala's Manderly Spellbound  Ch Eaton Tsavo
Ch Pamala's Darling Lil
Ch Dawin Blaze of Glory Ch Terima The Moor
Ch Pamela's Darling Lil
Ch Lyndale Monkeyin Around  Etienne XXX Ch Longleat Alimar Raisin Cane
Ch Bea Dos Melanie of Huntington
Sojourner Monkey Business Moravia's Malachi
Sojourner Contessa
Kismet's In The Nik Of Time Beata  Ch Safari's Time After Time  Ch Trelarken's Turn Back Time  Ch Whisperwind's On A Carousel Ch Primetime Kristofer
Ch Pinafore Whisperwind Brooke
Trelarken's Deliverance CD  Ch Trelarken's Justice For All
Melmar's Toast to Trelarken*
Ch Safari's Lissom Ch Eaton Entourage Ch Eaton Tsavo
Ch Eaton Evita
Ch Safari's Finesse Ch Ale Kai Apropos
Ch Safari's Evensong
Ch Beskau's Testin Time Lemerle  Ch Somerset Whisperwind Macho  Ch Maneetas Del Zarzoso Fuego Fatuo Eng Ch Harbovi's Heaven Can Wait for Vanitonia
Del Zarzoso Boquita Pintada at Manteau
Ch Somerset Singular  Ch Longleat Alimar Raisin Cane
Ch Vanitonia Haysi Fantayzee
Ch Lemerle Free & Easy  Ch Kertellas Blatant Lie At Lemerle  Eng Ch Harbovi's Heaven Can Wait for Vanitonia
Classie Affair at Kertellas
Lemerle New Year's Eve  Ch Brand's California Travis
Lemerle Eastern Xport